Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Regeneration X Costume Contest

Starting June 1st through June 30th, Regeneration X will be holding their second SHIMMER Costume Contest. Here are the rules:

To gain entry, any purchase made from both Leva Bates’ and Allison Danger’s Amazon wishlists will give the buyer a ticket into a lottery. Winner of the lottery will get to choose the theme of the costumes worn on the SHIMMER Women Athletes October 27-28 tapings. Now for the small twist-Bates and Danger have secretly starred five items on each wishlist. Purchase of a starred item gets the buyer TWO entries into the lottery.

The winner will get to choose a theme, to be submitted by July 31, 2012, and the theme must be within reason i.e. nothing skanky, nothing distasteful, no Fifty Shades of Gray nonsense (ha!). Re-X reserves the right to say your idea stinks and send it back for re-tooling (but we will work with the winner to find something we all can agree on). Remember, last year’s winner gave us the awesome Back to the Future idea so you guys have pretty big shoes to fill in 2012. In addition, the winner will receive a Re-X gift pack of the next to be released shirt, autographed photos and possible heaps of praise on the SHIMMER message board (Re-X does not guarantee heaps of praise but will gladly put a fiver on someone bitching about your choice).

Any questions? Feel free to hit us up via Twitter @wrestlingleva or @allisondanger or post a comment here. Happy Regenerating!

-Bates and Danger

Sunday, March 11, 2012

2012 matches I want to see myself in

These are in no particular order or desire, just writing them as they come to me. Also, I am only listing athletes who I have no previously wrestled before. Feel free to comment on who you want to see me wrestle in the coming months!

Singles Matches
Ayako Hamada
Courtney Rush
Veda Scott
Mia Yim (tag done at SHIMMER previously)
Manami Toyota
Aja Kong
Mariko Yoshida
Madison Eagles
Jessika Havok
Allysin Kay
Cherry Bomb
Rhia O'Reilly
Tomoko Nakagawa
Mercedes Martinez
Davina Rose
Athena (scheduled in Cali April 15th)

Tag Matches w/Regeneration X
Midwest Militia (RX will happily recruit a 3rd party)
Hamada & Kurihara
Hatred & Kalamity (assuming they team again)

These are all off the top of my head. Will comment with more as I think of them.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Regeneration-X shirts!!

Direct from Gallifrey, USA, the new Regeneration-X shirts will hit Berwyn, IL just in time for the SHIMMER tapings March 17-18th! These are a limited edition, limited stock so to guarantee you get yours SHIMMER weekend is to pre-order them now. Plus you can save on shipping! Shirts are $20, sizes S-2XL. Remaining stock will be available for worldwide delivery on Monday, March 19th. Pre-order payments must be made via paypal and include the size and amount of shirts needed. Buyers can pick their shirt up at the Re-X merch table on the date of the show you are attending (it better be both days!). Buyers will also get a little something something extra for pre-ordering (most likely a high five but you never know!).

Payments must be made to Happy shopping!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Help me help babies!

Did you know that 70% of birth defects can be prevented or cured?

On April 28th, KG and I will be embarking on our second charity walk for the March of Dimes. The MoD is a great organization dedicated to healthy babies. This is a group who is near and dear to my heart and I need your help raising money for this very worthy cause.

My daughter was born in February of 2009. Her birth was very difficult on both of us. It was a two day ordeal that resulted her being taken by emergency surgery. KG was badly bruised and suffered lacerations to her skull in two spots. She and I spent nearly a week in the hospital with four of those days in the pediatric ward in an isolette. She had to wear a special eye mask nearly all hours of the day which kept her blinded while under the lights. The first day there was especially terrifying, with nurses and doctors coming in and out of the room, looks of deep concern on their faces. I honestly did not think my baby girl was coming home with us. But thankfully, much in part to a great hospital staff, KG recovered and today is a thriving, healthy child preparing to celebrate her third birthday.

To this day I am still so very grateful that I was lucky enough to bring her home and blessed enough to be her mommy. I was fortunate enough to have access to medical care that made this possible. Now its my chance to help other mothers have that opportunity. By pledging whatever you can, you are helping me help expectant moms get good prenatal care, premature babies get a fighting chance and one more family that gets to take their little one home for good. And you are helping me teach KG how wonderful it feels to help others in need.

If you can help by donating and spreading the word about this amazing cause I would be forever grateful.


Monday, September 26, 2011

New AD shirts for pre-order!

Want to own this beauty? Without any shipping charges?? Pre-order now and pick it up at an upcoming show. With SHIMMER only days away and DCW two weeks out now is the time to act. By pre-ordering this shirt, you guarantee you get it before it sells out (quantities are always limited). Pay $20, give me your name, the size you need and which show you want to pick it up at. Easy peasy! Act now! Paypal to


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Regeneration X Contest Rules

Regeneration X fans! How would you love to be a part of SHIMMER and Re-X history? (Doctor) Who wants to have the power to chose a costume for Bates & Danger to sport at the October tapings in Berwyn, IL? Here is how you get'r done:

A little treat off the Amazon wish lists of Bates & Danger gets your name thrown into a hat (a sweet-ass fedora to be exact!). The winner of the contest gets to pick a costume theme for one of their matches and a sweet merch prize pack. All entries will get an autographed promo picture and a hearty THANK YOU from Re-X. Simple as that!

The not so fine print for the winner: Costume choice must be in good taste and reason. Pervy requests will be met with a hateful glare from Bates and a stiff kick to your shin from Danger as if you were a French referee. Winner and Re-X will work as a team to pull out something awesome for everyone to enjoy. Easy as!

So get on it-contest ends 31 August. Be sure to include your name when sending your treats so we know (Doctor) who to put in the hat. Thanks for playing!

Bates & Danger



Friday, August 19, 2011

The Enemies Within Us-Part 1

How far is one willing to go to stay true to their beliefs? This is what I am learning first hand. I received such amazing feedback and support from fans and the wrestling community alike for the first Womanist Revolution blog I wrote. News sites like Diva Dirt, Ringbelles and Dirty Dirty Sheets posted, discussed and help spread the blog around the world. Captured Beauty featured it in their RESPECT magazine issue 12. Twitter fans have used the hash tag #womanistrevolution countless times during RAW (now I just need a Womanist Revolution sign on tv so I can join the Dave Lagana/IWantWrestling club!). The more this gets out the more we can turn the tide towards a more respectable place for females in wrestling. For me though, it is not just about spreading the word, it is about living it. Putting myself out there as the number one example.

In the short time since I have posted my thoughts, I have had to really restructure how I do business. From how I take (or not take) bookings to handling issues backstage to how I teach and coach. I have passed up several paydays simply because doing them would contradict my own revolution. Frankly, it sucks to not make money but if I do not stay true to myself and to my words why would any of you give a damn about my mission? Here is where the one enemy within us lies.

I believe we all have enemies within ourselves but maybe one of our biggest one is our inability to say no.   No, I will not take your booking with the ridiculous stipulation. No, I will not wrestle your untrained girlfriend because you do not feel like paying a real worker. No, I will not wrestle in a bra and panties match. No, no, no. Let us touch on the untrained opponent a bit, shall we? Recently, folks like April Hunter and NY Knockout Nikki have made mention to being in situations where they have booked against untrained or poorly trained females, some of these matches resulting in injury. Oh promoters, two X chromosomes and a pair of booty shorts do not make a gal a wrestler! Shall I (shall I??) indulge you folks in a personal story celebrating the fun of working with the untrained? I shall!

A few years back I was booked to do a show in North Carolina. I was part of a baby face tag team against a heel team of a female with similar time in as me and another female with a little less time but a monster build. Both good opponents to share a ring with. Unfortunately, the worker booked as my tag partner had to cancel off. The promoter, instead of finding a suitable female wrestler, decided to put in a worker’s girlfriend who, I believe, had never even taken a bump yet. Good times! We were able to structure a match around this person’s limitations and the match was go. Sadly, about two minutes into the heat, this gal tags out and leaves the rings because....wait for it....SHE GOT BORED TAKING THE HEAT. Thankfully, the remaining members of our match, who were not bored, were able to pull together a somewhat decent ending that didn’t kill them and told a story. In the back we get no apology and no explanation other than the “I was bored” and “I was in there for so long I thought you guys were playing a joke on me”. She spent the rest of the night suction cupped to her boyfriend while fixing her hair so she could manage him in the main event. Worst part is, neither the boyfriend (who was also her trainer) nor the promoter saw any problem with this behavior. Guess what, gang. This happens all the time (well, not the bored part, that was new to even me!). In this case, we were lucky that no one in the match was hurt. Not everyone gets that lucky. This does not happen to the guys so why are us females subjected to it? This is where we need to learn to say no. To do so in a respectful and professional manner. I feel secure in myself and my position that I can finally say no to doing matches like that. If the promoter chooses not to use me then cool. As long as I know I handled it professionally and within reason then I know I can sleep well having lost that booking. Not every female wrestler has that luxury though. We as women need to band together to protect one another. If we stand together we have a genuine shot as changing this mentality and providing a safer environment for one another. I am going to summarize something Lufisto told me one of the first times we met (I repeat this sentiment in training and seminars regularly now); “We may not like everyone but in the ring we are all best friends. And that is how we need to protect each other”. Perfection.

Quickly, I must touch of this: do not confuse untrained with new (green). I enjoy working with younger talent, helping them learn and grow. This also gives me the opportunity to help mold fresh minds towards a positive direction. Oddly enough, I have noticed some fans seem to have a sick fascination with young girls getting beat up by vets. You would be surprised by the formsprings/tweets/emails I have gotten about that subject. Honest mistake are just that-honest mistakes. There have been occasions over the years where lessons were taught in a more physical manner but those are few and far between for the most part. Be warned-if you fall into the category of hoping/asking/desiring a beat down of this sort I will place you swiftly into the creeper column.

And a digression to end this blog- how awesome is seeing Nattie Neidhart and Beth Phoenix together as a team? These two have the absolute potential to turn the WWE female division around if the writers and powers that be give them the chance. While I can not claim my revolution has led to this change I must say the timing is pure perfection. Between the CM Punk story and this tag team I am truly interested in WWE programming again. It really feels good to sit back and just be a fan again.

I am Allison Danger and I am your Feminist Icon.