Thursday, January 26, 2012

Help me help babies!

Did you know that 70% of birth defects can be prevented or cured?

On April 28th, KG and I will be embarking on our second charity walk for the March of Dimes. The MoD is a great organization dedicated to healthy babies. This is a group who is near and dear to my heart and I need your help raising money for this very worthy cause.

My daughter was born in February of 2009. Her birth was very difficult on both of us. It was a two day ordeal that resulted her being taken by emergency surgery. KG was badly bruised and suffered lacerations to her skull in two spots. She and I spent nearly a week in the hospital with four of those days in the pediatric ward in an isolette. She had to wear a special eye mask nearly all hours of the day which kept her blinded while under the lights. The first day there was especially terrifying, with nurses and doctors coming in and out of the room, looks of deep concern on their faces. I honestly did not think my baby girl was coming home with us. But thankfully, much in part to a great hospital staff, KG recovered and today is a thriving, healthy child preparing to celebrate her third birthday.

To this day I am still so very grateful that I was lucky enough to bring her home and blessed enough to be her mommy. I was fortunate enough to have access to medical care that made this possible. Now its my chance to help other mothers have that opportunity. By pledging whatever you can, you are helping me help expectant moms get good prenatal care, premature babies get a fighting chance and one more family that gets to take their little one home for good. And you are helping me teach KG how wonderful it feels to help others in need.

If you can help by donating and spreading the word about this amazing cause I would be forever grateful.