Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just announced!

Per Curt Lemon over on the World-1 site:

Eagles-Danger signed for March 20th SUN Main Event!

On the heels of the announcement of MADISON EAGLES joining the SUN Senpai roster, President Danger wasted no time in connecting with her partner at the SHIMMER office to set up a main event classic in the making. Danger, your current World-1 Women Champion and Eagles, the reigning SHIMMER Champion are now set to go head to head in never before seen action, title shot for title shot. With her imminent arrival on our shores, Eagles is looking to collect belts like a “porn star collects notches on a bedpost”. Danger, while having several standout matches at SHIMMER, has been distracted from the title race there, most noticeably with her last standing feud with Portia Perez. With this SUN main event, if Eagles can successfully beat Danger, she will get a future shot at the World-1 Women title. If Danger prevails, the SHIMMER office will give her a title shot against Eagles. Which woman will come out on top? Be there March 20th in Jackson, NJ to find out!