Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's a blogger's life

Konichiwa MEDRs!

First off, let me apologize for the lack of Untitled Allison Danger Show this past weekend. Amber Gertner, Steven and I did have one done but for reasons beyond our control the show had some technological issue. Dang technology, eh? But no fears as we should have one up soon. Shame the other one didn't work out because Steven and I were able to set off Gertner and she went off on a former Diva. Hi-larious stuff. Fingers crossed that lightning will strike twice when we record again.

So how have you guys been? I am sure some of you may have seen me tweeting lately about "big life decisions" and such. I have alluded to a few things but here is the true inside scoop: The Danger Money family is moving to Las Vegas! It is time for Ares to take his pro poker playing to the next level. Watch your back, Phil Helmuth!! So for the month of August I will be wrapping up all my dates here in NC. And after this Sunday I plan on taking both the World-1 Womens Championship and the RWC-Flow title with me out West! Got any places out on the West Coast where you want to see me at? Comment with your favorite promotions and let's see what cooks up.

Also during the month of August, I will be shedding as much wrestling merch and swag as possible. I will randomly blog or tweet new available items or random sales so keep watching here and following me on Twitter @allisondanger (link to the right!). Here is a gem for sale today:

This is a first come, first serve ONE of a kind item for the ladies. This is a size Medium peach shirt, 3/4 sleeves and biased cut neckline, rhinestone DANGER shirt. $25 plus $5 shipping and this sweet baby is all yours.

Enough business, let us talk some fun stuff! First off, Saturday I was set to face Mia Svensson at RWC to defend my FLOW title but guess who backed out due to the heat (and not just from the crowd, BAM!)? Nicole Policki took her spot and really worked hard in her attempt to upset me for the belt. It took a Lovelace Choker in the ring and one off the ropes to put her away but the title is still around my waist. After the show, Ares, Pookie and I hop into the car for a road trip up to PA for the Chikarasaurus Rex show in Philly. This easily has to be the best show I have seen from Chikara. Everyone on the roster should be proud of Sunday's show. I can not rave enough about it. I know the dvd is already available so as soon as you are done reading this you MUST get a copy of the show.

After finally getting some sleep Sunday night we woke up to free Phillies tickets from my favorite brother, Steve (@CorinoWrestling). Ares, Pookie and my nephew Colby (@CCorino) rode down to the Citizens Bank Park and had a phenomenal time watching the Phillies beat the Colorado Rockies. Pookie at first was a bit scared of the crowd and their rabid reactions but by the end she was dancing with the music and loving the Phanatic. After the game we met up with 2 members of BDK for some outlet shopping. While waiting in the Sony store Claudio Castagnoli, Ares, Pookie, Colby and I heard the Final Countdown come across the speakers. All five of us immediately stared at the door in hopes Sara Del Rey would burst through but alas, it did not happen. Damn Jones of New York and their sales!

This weekend I am in Roseboro, NC facing a new girl on the scene. Keep checking back for an updated schedule. And have you gotten your SHIMMER tickets yet for Sept 11 and 12? If not, what are you waiting for?!

Own it, Tim Gunn it.



Miss J said...

Very cool about the Las Vegas move! But you'll still be involved/running Shimmer, right? Don't leave us Danger!

Your daughter is too cute. Sounds like a really fun outing!

JIM MOLLOY said...


Good luck in Vegas. How long were you in NC? I think you will be flying more rather than driving. Any old Shimmer Volumes?

Take Care & Good Luck.

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