Friday, October 8, 2010

Viva Blog Vegas!

It has been brought to my attention that I have not blogged in over a month. Sorry, its been a craaaazy five weeks. But now that I have a big, pink gun to my blogger head, compliments of Mia Svensson, here is a new blog!

First things first-I love Las Vegas. The family and I just got into our new apartment which is about four miles from the main Strip. When I park our car I can see the light from Luxor hotel. Even better, there is a friggin' Chipotle three minutes from my house. Which is next to Panda Express. Total awesomesauce. I love living right in the middle of anything and everything I could possibly want (and things I had no idea I wanted). I have walked around the Strip a bit, hit up some buffets and even dabbled in some gambling. We also went to the Olympia Convention and I got to see Monica Brant (fitness model), Jimmy Snuka and Deuce. Pics-yay! *note the rhinestone Danger shirt, I totally had to rep it at Olympia*

On the wrestling front, SHIMMER returned to the Berwyn Eagles Club September 11 and 12th. I really enjoyed my matches with Leva Bates and the returning Veronika Vice. I was really proud of the performances all around from all the women and can't wait to see the complete footage. In addition, Kendall and I were absolutely spoiled by all sorts of gifts and I must say I am super grateful to everyone including my adorable Brit Squad and the gang at Diva-Dirt (plus extra shout outs to Eric and Jennifer!). Kendall wasn't meant to make the trip to Chicagoland but at the last minute had to accompany me. The ladies in the back were great with her and Daffney is rumoured to have discovered my daughter's ability to do backstage "Shimmerviews". The one with Kong is a riot.

Have I discussed Yogurtland yet? No? Well, let me remedy that. Yogurtland is this amazing little place in the same shopping center as my gigantic gym (cruel, eh?). You pay by the ounce, have at least 12 different frozen yogurts flavors which you can sample at anytime and at least 30 different toppings to choose from. Right now my favorite is coffee yogurt with peanut butter cups in it. Tastes just like a Coffee Crisp (Jen Blake, Lufisto and Madison Rayne know whats up). The peanut butter flavor is rocking as is the double cookies and cream. The pumpkin pie yogurt is a giant failure though. This place is easily my new top choice of yummy!

I have eased back on dates through the rest of the year while I continue to get my bearings here in Vegas but I am beginning a new (and hopefully long) relationship with MLW in TN. MLW does great work in customs and I will be taping with them Oct. 16th and 17th. If you are interested in having me do your customs, please do not hesitate to contact them at and order up. Not only I am there but so are Sara Del Rey, Tenille Tayla and a host of other ladies.

Until next time, Own it, Tim Gunn it (and bury a bunch of trashy tv chicks while doing it!! HA!)


Maja Mia Svensson said...

Finally. And this Yogurtland sounds very much like our TuttiMelon that we have here, next to the Snap Fitness gym. I have yet to experience it, though. The little devil on my shoulder has not yet convinced me to cave.

Oh. And my gun is not pink. You should know this.

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