Sunday, November 28, 2010

Celebrate good blogs, come on!

Happy belated turkey day everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday with lots of pie. I know I sure did! To steal a phrase from the delightful Kevin Harvey, I needed to do a little more Thanksgymming and a little less Thanksgiving!

As I promised before, I am currently taking on dates for the first half of 2011. And I am glad to report that I will be joining the Arenachicks table at the WrestleReunion convention in Los Angeles at the end of January. Check out this nifty banner repping it:

 This will actually be my first time ever in LA so this should be pretty interesting. Speaking of, I really hope I like the city of LA because I sure am growing to loathe California drivers. Seriously, you people are to Nevada what Jersey drivers are to Pennsylvania.

Black Friday came and went and I am now the proud new owner of a tremendous camera, compliments of my husband. So anticipate a lot of pictures in the blog to come.

 With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, who really wants to leave their house to fight traffic and old ladies to shop? Luckily, I have made it easier on you with my Amazon wish list (gotta plug it!) Gifts are awesome (seriously, you know you love them, too!) and if you pass along your name and info I will happily respond in kind with a free 8x10. And who says I am not in the holiday spirit? Bah humbug my butt!

Been loving my Netflix so much lately. Torchwood has become my show of choice for instant watching and I am currently struggling through the True Blood Season 1 dvds. I have also been pillaging my local library and read both the John Barrowman (Capt. Jack Harkness for all you non-nerds) autobiography and the Chelsea Handler one night stand book. Can anyone explain why people find her funny? I just do not see it.

If you have a little time to kill head on over to (there is totally a link on your right to make it even easier) and listen to the brand new installment of the Untitled Allison Danger Show. Steven, Amber and I are back and taking on TNA, WWE, SHIMMER, Dancing with the Stars, Steven's new nickname from my daughter and Amber's surprise sex dream partner and more! This is a don't miss show!

Until next time-Own It, Tim Gunn It,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Blogoween!

Did everyone have a great Halloween? I sure did! Way too much candy has been consumed but hey, you only live once, right? Besides, people wouldn’t give it to you if they didn’t want you to eat it. So there! KG and I went as kitty cats. Awesome, right? :)

Things are great here in Vegas, minus the black widows that keep popping up. Two to be exact. If there is one thing in life I can do without it is spiders. Yuck.

My 2010 wrestling year has been great but now I am really look toward 2011. Good things are already starting to stir up, particularly my (finally) Canadian debut (seriously, it only took nearly 11 years)! NCW Femme Fatales announced that I will be joining their roster for the March 12, 2011 show in Montreal. I will be facing Anastasia Ivy and I plan on making quite the impact there. Let’s see if I can put in their hot announcement video....


What? That worked?! Go me!

In October, I made my debut for MLW, a customs company based in TN. I had a great time, made some new friends, hung out with some old and, oh yeah, even Mary Elizabeth was there (bam!). I will be posting some shots taken from there on my Facebook fanpage later tonight. And as always, it was great to be reunited with my Dangerous Angel life partner Sara Del Rey for some funsies:

Right now, I am currently taking bookings for the first half of 2011 so keep your eye here for dates and details and more fun stuff!

Own it, Tim Gunn it,