Sunday, March 11, 2012

2012 matches I want to see myself in

These are in no particular order or desire, just writing them as they come to me. Also, I am only listing athletes who I have no previously wrestled before. Feel free to comment on who you want to see me wrestle in the coming months!

Singles Matches
Ayako Hamada
Courtney Rush
Veda Scott
Mia Yim (tag done at SHIMMER previously)
Manami Toyota
Aja Kong
Mariko Yoshida
Madison Eagles
Jessika Havok
Allysin Kay
Cherry Bomb
Rhia O'Reilly
Tomoko Nakagawa
Mercedes Martinez
Davina Rose
Athena (scheduled in Cali April 15th)

Tag Matches w/Regeneration X
Midwest Militia (RX will happily recruit a 3rd party)
Hamada & Kurihara
Hatred & Kalamity (assuming they team again)

These are all off the top of my head. Will comment with more as I think of them.



AD/Cathison said...

Shazza McKenzie!

Dave Muscarella said...

I know you've wrestled her before, and she is one of your best friends, but I want Allison Danger vs Sara Del Rey to happen. Good friends, better enemies?

Pocket Volcano said...

I would like to see all of these!

velaran said...

All of those listed above, plus:


Addy Starr
Winter/Katie Lea Burchill
Angel Orsini
KAORU/Kaoru Maeda(Once off the injured list. Hopefully soon and recovered fully!)
Princess Sugei
the Apaches :-)
Mayumi Ozaki
Eliza Sway

Tag Team:

TnT(Tara n Tessmacher)

corndog said...

I vote for Danger v.s. Courtney Rush, Jessica Havok, and Davina Rose. A match with Madison Eagles would be awesome as well assuming she heals up and is able to wrestle again.

Anonymous said...

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