Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blog happy and Q&A!

Guten tag!

Kicking it on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon here on the comp, making some updates and answering your questions that were sent via my Twitter feed yesterday. Gonna jump right in to the Q&A after this quick commercial break.

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And now on to the Q&A!

@HurricaneHelms But who's the baby daddy's? RT @allisondanger: @AmberGertner Darn right I do! We are sisters from different misters. :)

Maury is in my ear piece saying: “Hurricane, you are NOT the father”. :)

benmartin88@allisondanger any chance we might see you back in ROH since Christopher Daniels is back?? your best non wrestling stuff was with him.

I am very open to returning to ROH and being reunited with Daniels. Some of my best wrestling memories were working with him. I learned so much from the five years we were teamed up and wish him nothing but the best in life.

bobschlapowitz@allisondanger Will you ever wrestle in Massachusetts?

I have wrestled there before but currently have no bookings based there in the immediate future.

stoneheartsecho@allisondanger why haven't you submitted a video in oprah's competition to host your own talk show?

I seriously had no idea Oprah was having a competition like that. Guess now people’s DDP tweets make more sense, LOL. But yeah, Oprah ain’t ready for this verbal jelly.

thefamouseric@allisondanger if you were a disney princess, which one would you be?

I will go with Sleeping Beauty as she is my favorite Disney princess of all time. I recently bought my daughter a beautiful hardback treasury of princess stories. We are currently reading Snow White.

wanderingeuan@allisondanger Favourite match you've been a part of?

My favorite non-wrestling role was ringside for ROH’s Final Battle where Daniels and Maff faced the team of Arashi and Great Muta. There is a really awesome shot of the three of us standing under blue lights waiting for their arrival into the ring and I remember whispering to Chris “wow”. It was one of those breathtaking moments in life that you never forget.

I have a few favorite matches. I loved the tag match of Dangerous Angels vs Cheerleader Melissa and Nattie Neidhart. Cindy Rogers and I once had a crazy tag match in front of a small crowd, half the roster didn’t even show up so we threw something together and ended up having such a fun match. I loved the series I had with Rebecca Knox at SHIMMER, too.

ScottieDubbs@allisondanger who were your favorite wrestlers growing up?

Ricky Steamboat. He was my absolute favorite and first wrestling crush.

militarfreak@allisondanger Hey Allison whats your opinion on Serena deeb in WWE ?

Unfortunately, I have not seen much of her stuff in WWE but the parts I have seen I am quite impressed with. Serena was such a joy to have at SHIMMER. She truly has a spark for life and a talent for wrestling. I just hope she gets some in-ring time with WWE to really show off her abilities.

ralphspekt@allisondanger Who on the Shimmer roster do you most want to face at the next DVD taping? (p.s. you're AWESOME on commentary.)

Probably Nikki Roxx. I have always loved her work and yet we have never gotten to face each other one on one. Madison Eagles would be another great one though now it will be tougher since I am not really in the run for a title shot as of now. MsChif would be another.

JenniferL134@allisondanger Yes I have a question: how did you get to be so damn awesome? :D

When I was born, all the stars were perfectly aligned, birds sang and tyrants fell. It was a good day.

SarahFlann@allisondanger favourite Shimmer afterparty memory?

Winning the dance off, or course :)

Until next time: Own it, Tim Gunn it



Miss J said...

When I was born, all the stars were perfectly aligned, birds sang and tyrants fell. It was a good day.

Indeed. The clouds parted and all the angels said, "Dangertainment...is here!" ;D

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