Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bloggity, blog, blog.

It's a beautiful Wednesday night, I am sitting here in front of the laptop with a cup of tea and a big grin. Why, you ask? Because today was an awesome day.

First, after getting a rare chance to sleep in (9:15am is sleeping in for us), the whole family sat in front of the big screen and watched Switzerland upset the number 2 seeded Spain in some World Cup action. Hopp Schwiiz! Now, I have never been a huge football fan but I had to cheer for my husband's and daughter's people. Check out @areswrestler on the Twitter and see a fun (albeit blurry thanks to the crazy heat and humidity here at the beach)video of Ares running up and down our road screaming "Switzerland won, Switzerland won!". Sadly, no passersby honked or really even recognized what flag he was waving. But, needless to say, I was very proud to be Swiss by marriage today. And to add to her cuteness, Kendall can now yell "GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAALL!". Pure awesomesauce. The rest of my day included a surprise nap, a great family lunch and some rollerblading action before the weather turned rainy.

On a wrestling front, things have been looking up lately. I have been pretty busy that past four or so weekends in a row. Did customs x2 for, debuted at the inaugural CWF Arenachicks show where I faced my student Mia Svensson, had a fun match with Awesome Kong for RWC in addition to having a great turnout for my training seminar that was nice to have things pick up, if only briefly. I am off now until July 9th, where I will be seconding one of my favorite people in the world, Sara Del Rey (@SDRPyoo) when she makes her debut for CWF Arenachicks against another debuting talent Rachel Summerlyn (@rachelsummerlyn). July 10th will see me teaming up with Del Rey for SCWA and facing the team of Persephone and Kristin Flake (@tricepextension). July 11th is a customs shoot for OAP then Del Rey and I are headed back to the beach for a mini vacation. After a two week break, July 24th is RWC in Raeford, NC then off to Philadelphia for a short family vacation. August is a pretty relaxed schedule so far so if anyone is looking to book them some A.D. August looks like a great time to catch me.

Have you guys been catching my Untitled Allison Danger Show on Show #4 just posted there on Saturday (should be up here in a matter of days). Be sure to check it out all the craziness from myself,  Amber Gertner (@ambergertner), our not really gay BFF Steven (@HarderTheyFall) and our occasional co-host and LOST correspondent Puente (@TeleuteDPu) as we discuss everything from WWE to TNA to the Indies to random digressions plus regular features including Douchecanoe of the Week and Dear Danger. And be sure to follow on the Twitter @divadirt!

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I have caught the Allison Danger show. Very informstive.

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