Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Got me some Blogger's block.

Is that what you call writer's block for bloggers? Blogger's block? If so, then I have a mild case of it. So for your "Dangertainment" (HA! Big thanks to Miss J for that new phrase. I will be sporting that everywhere)I will now spout total randomness.

First off, is randomness really a word? And should I use it as a noun?

As I sit here and finish my 30 allotted cashews, I want to send out telepathic waves of hatred toward Tony Horton and his evil P90X. I hate you, Tony Horton. I plan on hating you for another 87 days, too. Every time I see your smiling face I imagine you have a not so evil twin brother named Tim who makes wonderful donuts and makes the whole world smell like a deep fried pastry. But, in a moment of fairweatherness, I am sure I will love Tony again once I see the end results. We shall see (SHALL I???).

See any good movies lately?

Looking forward to a great weekend off. 4th of July, a wedding and time with my brother and nephew will make for a butt kicking weekend. Been trying to teach my daughter how to say her cousin's name. Right now she is coming out with "Bow-bie". I think he will take it. :)

I miss LOST. I know Puente does, too. My husband-not so much. Sucka. Tuesday night television now drips with lamesauce. However, I did start a new book-Amy Tan's Saving Fish From Drowning. Feel free to read along and discuss with me.

Have you listened to the latest Untitled Allison Danger Show? If not, head on over to and give it a listen. We even link them to the right to make it easier on you, the reader!

Online store is coming along, hope to have that up quite soon. Any one in need of old SHIMMER Volumes 2-6 (originals, still in their wrappers) contact me now as the price goes up once I post them in the store.

Own it, Tim Gunn it.



JIM MOLLOY said...

Randomness is in the Dictionary as a noun. Enjoy those cashews.If you missed on episode of Lost, You were Lost.

Happy 4th of July.

Miss J said...

YES! "Dangertainment" will be the hot phrase of 2010. Calling it right now. BAM! :D

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